Our Company

Our Company:

At Deep South Sauce Company, LLC our goal is to deliver first rate service in every aspect of our business for our customers.  Starting with our great line of Barbecue Sauces and Spice Rubs, then on to our simple secure on-line shopping experience, and most importantly our personalized customer service from delivery to problem solving, we are here to make sure you are happy with us.


Our Mission:

With our superior products, bring people together over food, creating and sharing lasting memories.


Our Values:

Dependability – Our Employees and Customers can depend on us to operate with the highest integrity and standards.

Service – We will serve our customers with the best products we can produce.

Sharing – Sharing food with others is how we get to know other people and cultures, bonding over shared experiences.

Community – We live in community, we operate in community, we believe in servicing and giving back to our community.



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