Deep South Sauce Company and Bama-Q.TV

Deep South Sauce Company, LLC and Bama-Q Season 3 - October 2019 Destination America

True Gold is HERE!!!

True Gold Mustard Sauce - May 2018 It's here!!  True Gold Mustard Sauce is in our warehouse and ready to ship.  Ta...

Havana Heat is HERE!!!!

Havana Heat Barbecue Sauce - April 2017 It's on it's way...our Havana Heat Barbecue Sauce will be in our warehouse a...

Havana Heat - Coming REAL Soon

Havana Heat Barbecue Sauce - April 2017 We will have the second in our line of tasty barbecue sauces ready for sale ...

We've opened our virtual doors!!

January 25th Today we launch our virtual storefront.  It's been a few years of work but the days finally here. Were e...
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